Our Experience with the Royal Court Tea on board the Disney Dream

When you sail on a Disney Cruise seeing characters may be on the top of your list. It’s true that character interactions on a Disney Cruise are a bit different and can be more unique than in the parks. I’ve really come to value these interactions, especially with my little one. I’ve seen so much magic happen when we just bump into Rapunzel strolling deck 4 or Goofy up on the sports deck.

It’s no secret that Princesses are popular characters to meet. Because of this and their limited availability on the Disney Cruise ships, Disney has added some special meet and greet opportunities for young princess fans. The Royal Gathering is a princess meet and greet that you have to make a reservation for but there is no additional cost. During this meet and greet, there are usually 4 princesses that you will meet one at a time and it’s a great way for guests to be spread out and have some really nice princess interactions. Again, there are no additional fees for the Royal Gathering, but you do have to make a reservation.

Another fun opportunity to meet and spend time with some Disney royalty is during the Royal Court Tea. The Royal Court Tea is a full on tea party with 3 of your favorite Disney princesses. During this party you are treated to a small show, delicious tea party treats, and tea, of course. You also get to see 3 Disney Princesses who take time to talk with the guests and sign autographs. It’s really a unique experience that includes gifts for the children attending.

My daughter loved this experience. From beginning to end she felt like royalty. The party beings with the child being announced to the room. Once inside you are shown to your seat where there were gifts waiting for us. The gifts we received were: a Cinderella doll, A large princess notebook, a princess purse which had a charm bracelet and necklace inside with additional charms, a princess pen, and a princess headband. These gifts are subject to change, but this is what we received. My daughter was so excited about everything.

Tables were arranged in a circle so everyone could see

There was a short show where we were welcomed and then our tea and treats were brought out. The adults got to choose their tea and the children were given juice (I believe it was apple juice). As we had our tea and treats the princesses were announced via a retelling of their story and walked around the room. At the end of the experience my daughter took a photo with all three princesses together which was a really cute opportunity.

Tray with sandwiches and desserts

There were a few things that I think could have been done better:

First, the timing felt rushed. There was a lot going on and it was hard to eat and pay attention to everything at the same time. We also received what felt like a lot of food since I had an allergy and was given a whole other tray of cakes and sandwiches. However, there was no opportunity to take it back to the room. I asked a server and they did bring out a plate topper so we actually did end up bringing it back, but without that we would not have thought to bring it back.

Our experience was not filled because we were on a cruise that had more adults than kids. I cannot imagine that cruise with more kids would have the same experience as the princesses may not have a lot of time to interact with all the guests after the show portion.

Thanking the Princesses for having us at their Tea Party

Overall we had a great time and my daughter really enjoyed this experience. It is designed for children 3-12 and they must be accompanied by an adult 18+. There is a cost for both the child and the adult so be sure to budget accordingly. I believe total we paid around $289 total for 2 guests ( 1 adult and 1 child). Which makes this experience expensive but likely on par with what you would get somewhere else considering you are paying for entertainment, gifts, and food.

Would you try this experience on your next Disney Cruise?